Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage’s $64 Billion Supplemental Benefits Slush Fund

$64 billion is being spent to subsidize private Medicare Advantage plans to provide benefits that are not available to enrollees in traditional Medicare, and the government has no idea how they are being spent. Not only is this an enormous potential misallocation of taxpayer resources from the Medicare trust fund, it is also a critical part of Medicare Advantage’s marketing scam.

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Sick Of Endless, Misleading Medicare Ads? New Rules May Help

More than one-quarter (27%) of the MA ads showed images of government-issued Medicare cards or images that closely resembled the official Medicare card. Most (83%) ads sponsored by brokers or other third parties pointed people to call a private Medicare hotline rather than the official Medicare line (800-MEDICARE). More than 50,000 airings used messaging that warned viewers they might be missing out on benefits, suggesting their current coverage could be incomplete.

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