About American Insurance Benefits

About American Insurance Benefits
In the late 90’s I was leaving a management position with AT&T to start my own business in the insurance industry in Phoenix, Arizona. I went online to find out what health insurance would cost. Within seconds my phone rang from some agency in another part of the Country.

Those calls continued for days.

All I wanted was some rates to compare; instead I just had solicitors asking me for my credit card number.

When I started my business I swore to myself I would never put people through what I experienced.

If you are in need of health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance or a Medicare supplement I can provide you with a written proposal to review so that you can make an educated decision.

Most other sites are 3rd parties. You provide your personal information thinking you will get a quote, but instead you find yourself in the same situation I was in 20+ years ago.

Reach out to me for help and see why as an Independent Insurance Broker I have earned some of the highest customer Reviews in Arizona

– Andy Orlikoff