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Apr 27, 2022 | Health Insurance, Insurance Bill

Beginning January 1, 2022, new federal protections championed by the Biden-Harris Administration will shield millions of consumers from surprise medical bills—unexpected bills from an out-of-network provider, out-of-network facility or out-of-network air ambulance provider. The protections, implemented under the No Surprises Act, ban surprise billing in private insurance for most emergency care and many instances of non-emergency care. They also require that uninsured and self-pay patients receive key information, including overviews of anticipated costs and details about their rights.

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Surprise Medical Bill Protection in Arizona

Whether you’re uninsured or have health insurance, you can take advantage of Surprise Medical Bill Protection in Arizona. While this type of coverage may not apply to everyone, it can make the difference between a huge medical bill and nothing at all. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing it. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the benefits of surprise medical bill protection in Arizona. Don’t wait to get started if you have questions about this coverage.

Protects Uninsured Patients

The Affordable Care Act, which takes effect in January 2022, protects uninsured patients by requiring physician networks to set up a process to resolve surprise medical bills. It also establishes a complaints process for balance billing and surprise bills. The law protects patients from uninsured physicians, although it may not apply in some circumstances. It also doesn’t cover the cost of emergency care, such as car accidents.

The new NSA law protects uninsured patients from surprise bills, and it also protects individuals with health plans that don’t offer these types of plans. However, it doesn’t protect people from large, undiscounted bills. As a result, many uninsured patients in Surprise, Arizona have left to foot the bill. The new law also prohibits obscene bills from being sent to the patients’ credit card accounts.

Protects People with Health Insurance

Until now, patients with health insurance have been largely left unprotected from unexpected medical bills. However, a new law in Arizona has made these bills more predictable and affordable. The new law protects patients who undergo emergency care, health care services directly related to an emergency, or non-emergency medical treatment. It applies to people with private health insurance, group disability plans, or hospital and medical service corporations.

The law is intended to protect consumers from unexpected bills and limit out-of-network expenses to a fee that is based on in-network rates and counts toward an annual deductible. The law also eliminates the burden of negotiating with an out-of-network provider for a reduction in charges. Instead, the hospital or doctor negotiates with the insurance company to ensure that patients only have to pay what is in-network. Otherwise, the patient is at risk of collection proceedings.

Protects Emergency Services

The state of Arizona recently passed a bill that protects patients from unexpected medical bills. The bill covers most emergency care services, including hospital emergency rooms, freestanding emergency departments, and urgent care centers licensed to provide emergency medical services. This protection applies to emergency care services as well as to non-emergency services. Emergency care services include screening and stabilization. However, some non-emergency medical care services are not protected.

The No Surprises Act of 2015 is an important step in protecting consumers from unforeseen medical bills. It requires health plans to cover emergency care in full. The law also prevents insurers from bouncing half-paid bills back to providers. Additionally, emergency care providers must accept payment from health plans for emergency medical services, even if they are not in their network. The No Surprises Act also mandates that in-network providers accept insurer payments for non-emergency medical care.

Protect your health coverage and financial future!

The average American will receive at least one surprise medical bill in their lifetime. Surprise Medical Bill Protection in Arizona is the first insurance company to cover surprise medical bills under the No Surprises Act. It’s a great way to protect your health coverage and financial future. SMBP is FDA and Medicare-compliant and provides complete coverage by removing the risk of unknown out-of-pocket costs.

Many surprise medical bills are due to a healthcare provider not disclosing the fees for service. Surprise Medical Bill Protection in Arizona (SMBP) contracts with providers to guarantee that they will not send patients a bill when they give their permission to do so.

Protect your health coverage and financial future with Surprise Medical Bill Protection in Arizona, the nation’s first law that protects patients from surprise medical bills in Surprise, Arizona. Call us at (623) 742-3878 to sign up today!

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