Medicare Supplements

May 8, 2019 | Medicare Supplement

Protect your savings

Use our Medicare Supplement Insurance to help you manage your budget and your health care expenses. Unexpected medical costs can put a strain on your savings. But, a Medicare Supplemental plan offers you protection against out-of-pocket costs — for the expenses Medicare Parts A and B may not cover.

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With Medicare Supplement Insurance, members get:

  • The flexibility to see any doctor or go to any hospital: No network restrictions and no referrals required for specialists.
  • Guaranteed renewable plans: This policy automatically renews as long as you pay the premium on time. Your coverage will automatically increase as Medicare deductibles and coinsurances increase. Premiums may be modified to correspond with coverage changes.
  • No waiting period: You’re eligible for benefits at the time your policy is in force.
  • No paperwork to file: Present your ID card at time of service, and benefits are paid directly to your doctor or hospital.
  • A household premium discount: If you lived with at least one other adult who is age 50 or older for the past year, you will be eligible for a 7% household premium discount.
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