‘It will bankrupt them’: Nurse says you should never enroll in Medicare Advantage plans. Here’s why

Nov 27, 2023 | Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage

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In a recent TikTok video, a nurse has issued a PSA to her viewers, advising against enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans.

The video, posted by Christy (@christyprn) on Nov. 21, has amassed over 128,900 views, sparking a lively debate among commenters about the pros and cons of these private health insurance alternatives.

In the video, Christy recounts encountering a billboard on her way home: “I saw a big billboard that said, ‘Enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, and you’ll get a free gym membership!’ and it reminded me to give you guys your yearly reminder to not enroll in a Medicare Advantage health insurance plan.”

She explains, “When those Medicare health insurance plans are managed by the government, that is just called Medicare or some of us call it traditional Medicare. However, a while back, the government started allowing private insurance companies to distribute these plans as well. These are called Medicare Advantage plans.”

Christy goes on to express her reservations about these private insurance plans, citing concerns that they may deny crucial healthcare services that traditional Medicare would cover, “A lot of health care workers really don’t like these Medicare Advantage plans because they tend to deny a lot of really important care that traditional Medicare would have covered,” she claims.

However, while emphasizing the need for careful consideration, the TikToker gives out a disclaimer: “There may be some instances where a Medicare Advantage Plan offers some additional benefit that might be more beneficial to a patient than traditional Medicare.”

Since it was posted, the video has sparked a lively debate in the comments section, with healthcare workers and viewers sharing their experiences and opinions.

Some echoed Christy’s concerns, with one commenter saying, “I work in outpatient care and the Medicare advantage plans are the worst. We can’t get anything covered.”

“thank you say it louder. Advantage plan are thieves,” a second added.

“RN here. Amen sister. It will bankrupt them,” a third wrote.

However, others disagreed, recounting their positive experiences with their plans.

“My father was on different medicare advantage plans here in NC. They worked out great for him. No extra monthly cost and more docs to choose from,” one such commenter wrote.

“Medicare Advantage has worked great [for] me. My Dr’s med group totally has their act together,” a second claimed.

“No doctors in my area accept regular Medicare. I can only use it at urgent care clinics,” a third commenter remarked.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Christy via TikTok comment.

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